Past Exhibition

September 15—October 22, 2016

Khan Lee


Korean-born Canadian artist Khan Lee presents a series of sculptures in mixed media, questioning ideas of reproduction, mimicry, and forgery. Though Lee struggles to directly translate the Korean term 흉내내기 (hyung-nae-ne-gi), he attempts to communicate potential within the process of reproduction. This word suggests imitation and reproduction, far from being rote or passé, are at the crux of creative representation.

Without 흉내내기, learning becomes unclear and innovation is difficult. Lee looks to familiarity as a productive starting point; the works in 흉내내기 (hyung-nae-ne-gi) may vaguely resemble other objects seen in contemporary art or everyday life. By simulating familiar structures and interfaces, or configuring found items into new arrangements, Lee’s uncanny sculptures complicate notions of authenticity, and question our perception of objects and our surroundings.

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