Past Exhibition

April 18—May 31, 2008

Blaine Campbell

a repurposed architecture

The series a repurposed architecture explores a building complex in transition in Istanbul, Turkey. Over the course of a week in 2006, Blaine Campbell had the opportunity to freely move about Üsküdar İmam Hatip Lisesi, compiling a variety of architectural images. This space held a certain fascination, given its state of disrepair and moreso its age and novelty in comparison to the frequent use of Modernist concrete forms in Vancouver and the Netherlands. The complex had previously seen incarnations as a monastery, a prison, and a school, and is now slated to become studios and instructional space for the fine arts university. This repurposing of space is somewhat different from the predominant tendency – as evidenced in Vancouver, with its persistent and accelerating construction boom – to replace rather than re-use. The images in a repurposed architecture attend to the Romanticist history of an aesthetic fascination with the past and decay, while referencing contemporary forms such as the work of Gabriel Orozco and Jeff Wall’s Diagonal Composition.