Past Exhibition

April 23—June 6, 2009

Antonia Hirsch

Anthropometrics Vol. I & II

Anthropometrics Vol. I & Vol. II is a suite of colour photographs that operates as an inventory of ‘colloquial’ methods of measurement using the human body as their base reference. The demonstration of these measurements results in the idiosyncratic gestures captured in the photographs.

Anthropometrics Vol. I & Vol. II seeks to trace and document methods of measurement that remain in use parallel to standardized modes of measurement. These types of ‘biometric’ measurements have a kinship to oral history that is passed on by generations of families or other social networks, rather than through official institutions. They require face-to-face exchange, rather than abstract or remote forms of interaction. During a three-month period in 2006, Vol. I of the series appeared across the city of Vancouver in the form of large screen-printed posters. Mirroring the informal modes of measurement represented in the images, the work’s dissemination relied on the informal (and semi-legal) marketing economy that utilizes transitional, temporarily unregulated urban sites such as abandoned buildings and construction hoardings.

This is the first presentation of Vol. II of the series.