Past Exhibition

January 23—February 27, 2016

Blaine Campbell and Scott Massey

Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun presents new works by Blaine Campbell and Scott Massey combining their interests in astronomy, cosmology, and quantum physics. The various photographs, installation works, and sculptures investigate the very small and the very large, as the works urge us to ask questions about the nature of existence and the troubling duality of light as both medium and pure energy. They examine figurative and literal aspects of the seemingly unknowable, unfathomable, or invisible, brought to light through sustained engagement and investigation.

The exhibition presents a diverse range of works. Of particular note are Massey’s photographic study Via Lactea (Rancho Rasdoul), created by photographing very small sections of the night sky stars over the course of many hours on the same piece of film; and the engaging sculpture Two Millennium Mirror Cube, composed of convex acrylic mirror coupled with antique window glass procured from a house built in Connecticut in 1880. Campbell’s works include the installation The Light of Their Eyes, conflating stained glass motifs, astrophotography, and mathematical forms; and new photographs from the series Omnis experientiae miraculum, large-scale images of immensely complicated yet visually enthralling detectors used in experiments with the world’s largest cyclotron.

Blaine Campbell is an Alberta-based artist working in photography, sculpture, and video, currently dividing his time between Edmonton and Vancouver. Thematic interests have included landscape use and modification, processes of mediation and artifice in relation to transcendent experience, and parallels between Derrida’s “textuality” and quantum theory. A 2007 graduate of Emily Carr Institute with a B.F.A. in photography, he previously completed B.Math. and M.Sc. degrees in mathematics. In 2007 Campbell received the BMO 1st Art! national award and the Emerging Artist Award from the Contemporary Arts Society of Vancouver. He has exhibited work at various venues in Canada and Europe, including Nuit Blanche Toronto 2012 and Nord Art, Kunstwerk Carlshutte Germany. He is currently acting as the Artist in Residence at the TRIUMF nuclear physics lab in Vancouver.

Scott Massey lives and works in Vancouver. He graduated from the photography program at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Massey’s work typically explores the confluence of art and science whereby he accentuates and amplifies natural phenomena, often heightened through artificial means or via slight manipulations. Light as a medium figures heavily in his work, which derives out of research into areas of quantum physics, cosmology, astronomy, and other scientific disciplines. Recent solo exhibitions include Light Adjustments, Dazibao, Montreal, 2015; The Day Breaks, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto, 2015; Let’s Reach c Together, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, 2013; Topologies and Limits, CSA Space, Vancouver, 2011; and Swan Song, Luminato Box, Toronto, 2009. His work has also been included in group shows in Canada and abroad at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Denmark, 2013; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, 2012; the Columbus College of Art & Design, Ohio, 2007; and CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto, 2007.

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