Past Exhibition

February 2—March 1, 2007

Jim Breukelman


Counterpoint, Urban and Suburban Photographs, by Jim Breukelman includes a new body of work depicting Vancouver and its surroundings as a conglomeration in constant flux.  The works in this exhibition depict the city’s disparate parts that, nevertheless, work together simultaneously – not unlike the way counterpoint works in musical compositions. These photographs depict aspects of Vancouver that, on the surface, are quite different from one another, yet they share certain qualities that are unique. For instance, gardens are built environments as much as construction sites are. In some cases they even bear some resemblance to each other. Gardens can also be wonderful indicators of ethnicity and/or social attitudes.

Although people do not have a large physical presence in these pictures, they are the source of and the reason for everything you see here. It is this side of the equation that interests Breukelman the most and is what he looks for in his photograph.