Republic Gallery

Shaped Drawings: something wrong about the mouth

January 9 to February 15

How physical objects are made and what they're made of informs how we perceive and experience art. Consideration to process and materiality has been fundamental to my practice. Using paper of various quality, pounds and surfaces this exploration has been multi-directional. Framed works can be one step removed from what I would like the experience of line, gesture and paper to be. To enhance the drawing as object and to keep the viewers' relationship to the drawing unmediated I like using frames without glass. The challenge is to keep the drawing as close to an abstracted aesthetic experience as possible while maintaining a connective tissue to the figurative. To push this notion of embodiment I started shaping drawings using archival foamcore. Cutting out body-sized (or larger) paper shapes that can, with water, be warped and de-formed. Line becomes the utility knife's blade, cutting into the paper to locate the drawing. Markmaking, whether with pencil, ink, paint, textile, tape or a blade, speaks to process and materiality.

Lyse Lemieux has lived and worked in Vancouver since graduating from the University of British Columbia's Fine Arts department in 1976. Over the past 30 years she has exhibited her work in public and private galleries in both Canada and Europe. In April 2013, we were proud to represent Lyse's work (alongside that of Gwenessa Lam and Ryan Peter) at Montréal's Papier, a contemporary art fair of works on paper. This is Lyse's second solo exhibition at Republic Gallery, following New Work which was shown in the fall of 2012.

Studio view of selected works from
Shaped Drawings: something wrong about the mouth.

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