Republic Gallery

Black is the size of my new skirt

October 15 to November 14

Republic Gallery is pleased to present Black is the size of my new skirt, a solo exhibition of new work by Lyse Lemieux. This latest series of sculptural drawings continues Lemieux�s ongoing fascination with gesture, materiality and abstraction.

The pleated skirt is a recurrent motif throughout the exhibition; its sequential lines represent at once a concrete, pictorial figuration and the gesticulate trajectory of motion. Lemieux�s body-scaled works tease an oblique, elusive familiarity that hints at portraiture or figure-drawing, even as any discernible features are obfuscated amid interrupted movements. 

These bold, black lines of cut wool manifest the ink lines of a drawing; here, the gesture is re-articulated through the felt fabric. The trajectories of these lines � and their collisions among assemblages of papers, prints, and textiles � might also be �felt� through a haptic visuality, one which Lemieux alludes to in the show's synaesthetic title.

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