Past Exhibition

March 14—April 12, 2008

Marian Penner Bancroft

Human Nature (Alberta, Friesland, Suffolk)

Lands and waterways used for the fur trade, oil retrieval, hydro electricity, agriculture, religion and war are the subjects of Human Nature (Alberta, Friesland, Suffolk), a series of colour photographs made at sites of historically intense human interaction with the landscape.

The photographs were made along the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta where the Canadian fur trade took place in the early nineteenth century; along dikes constructed hundreds of years ago in the highly altered lands and waterways of Friesland in northern Holland; and at Bulcamp Drift in the Suffolk countryside of England, where craters were formed by the dropping of excess bombs during the Second World War. Visible evidence of these activities varies greatly, and in some cases is hardly so, rendering the depictions somewhat innocent of the content that can be attached to them by knowledge retrieved from accompanying texts.

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