Past Exhibition

October 16—November 8, 2014

Andreas Bunte

Lettuce partially emerging from a shopping bag

Lettuce partially emerging from a shopping bag is an exhibition featuring new video work by Berlin-based artist Andreas Bunte. A 16mm film, Suspended Duration, is the show’s centrepiece. In it, Bunte references the scientific work undertaken by motion-study laboratories through the incorporation of black and white raster backgrounds. Taking ordinary objects as subject-matter, Bunte confounds such labs aims of achieving scientific abstraction, instead capturing the contingency of the filmic image through his inclusion of “accidental” footage. In this way, the film extends both literal and metaphorical frames by repositioning the fringes to the centre in spatial and temporal ways, drawing attention to processes that do not produce anything significant, do not demand optimization, and that are not usually subject to extended filmic attention.