Past Exhibition

February 1—March 2, 2013

Antonia Hirsch

light tender

Antonia Hirsch’s installation incorporates objects and video to continue her inquiry into the interconnection between affect and economy. The show brings together the abstract phenomenon of colour and the very concrete trade in cut flowers. light tender mobilizes these elements of trade, affect, and colour and proposes that an economy be understood as not merely a system of fiscal transactions, but as a system of representation—expressive of a way of perceiving and interacting with the world and each other.

While affect is both a generator and a consequence of economic exchanges, it is, conversely, also the modality of those economic exchanges that structure affect, resulting in topographies of the sensible that underpin everyday life. Positioning colour as an instantiation of affect and flowers as a luxury good without use value, light tender flagrantly appeals to the senses.