Past Exhibition

March 19—April 18, 2015

Yedda Morrison

Nothing Here Appears to Exist But What Contributes to Harmony

Republic Gallery is pleased to present Nothing Here Appears to Exist But What Contributes to Harmony, a solo exhibition of new work by Yedda Morrison, presented as part of Capture Photography Festival.

Morrison’s work foregrounds that which typically serves as backdrop or supporting scenery in the drama of mass consumerism by re-photographing landscapes and other “natural” elements in mass-produced magazines. Positioned “after nature,” the work attempts to create “nature”—or the experience thereof—through its own highly mediated image. Reframed, the scenery becomes the central, virtual field, inhabiting the privileged and precarious position of both image subject and object of desire. The show is comprised of a series of colour photographs and an installation.

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