Past Exhibition

March 12—August 15, 2020

Noah Friebel


Passage brings together a body of recent photographic-based works by Noah Friebel centered on the picturing of architected spaces. Friebel’s works, utilizing both depicted and actual space, consider the ways in which we are affected by and internalize structures of our built environment.

The places pictured share a common tension between their historic practical purpose and their current aesthetic function: many of the images are of barriers found on the border between public and private space. For Friebel, this socio-political and economic space serves as an allegorical conflict that runs parallel with artistic conflicts that grapple with the border of inner and outer spaces.

Friebel’s images are enclosed in framing devices that physically repurpose and visually disrupt the motifs within the image. These framing devices, both handmade and mechanically produced, become extensions of the images and allow possible sites for the pictures to inhabit. Through their physicality, the works presented in Passage open new views into photography’s representation of urban and domestic architecture, engaging the body in the act of viewing to better consider the influence of these spaces and generate new encounters.

Noah Friebel is a Vancouver based visual artist working with photographic and video practices. His art is based in picture-making that engages in sculptural and installation methodologies as a means of examining our relationships to one another, technical images and the narrowing space in between. In his work, self-produced and found images are transformed into distinct objects, generating new encounters with a wide variety of image categories and technologies. Since graduating from Emily Carr University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018, Noah has been part of several group shows: notably Green Glass Door at Trapp Projects and The Lind Prize 2018 at the Polygon Gallery. He is currently long listed for the 2020 Scotiabank New Generation Photography Award.

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