Republic Gallery

GWENESSA LAM: 2004-2014
42 pages
Published 2014

Released on the occasion of her fourth solo exhibition at Republic Gallery, the eponymous monograph GWENESSA LAM: 2004-2014 positions the artist's interests within political, philosophical, and social contexts. Included are essays by Liz Park and Kathleen McQueen, with full colour reproductions spanning the artist’s production over the last ten years.

The Most Violent Thing
9 Pages
Published 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9810508-0-5

In this catalogue for Republic Gallery’s 2009 exhibition The Most Violent Thing, curator Vanessa Sorenson complicates our relationship to the contemporary demand for productivity and efficiency through a turning back to stillness, where "doing nothing is (potentially) “the most violent thing”. Included are reproductions of works by Marian Penner Bancroft, Rose Bouthillier, Blaine Campbell, Scott Rudd, Carol Sawyer, Mohamed Somani, and Hamed Teymouri.

Interior of Design
24 Pages
Published 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9810508-1-2

Interior of Design, in the words of exhibition curator Jordan Strom, queries domestic space and its contents as still lives, “as a space of carefully considered collection and display, and a site for the safe consumption of rarefied nature”. The catalogue features an essay by Jordan Strom, with reproductions of works by Babak Golkar, Hadley+Maxwell, Yedda Morrison, Nicole Raufeisen and Ryan Witt, Roy and McHardy, Samuel Roy-Bois, Erica Stocking, and Brandon Thiessen.