Past Exhibition

September 16—October 30, 2010

Gwenessa Lam


In her work, Gwenessa Lam explores the intersection between the perception, memory, and representation of place. Drawing from notions of the uncanny, her paintings depict darkened interiors and shadows cast from everyday objects. Furniture pieces and other items are distorted to varying degrees, straddling the familiar and ambiguous, animate and inanimate. As a visual trace, shadows normally register the physical presence of an object or being; the subsequent absence of things conveys a sense of dislocation and alienation. These works imprint the fleeting nature of the shadow as an index and residue of what was formerly present, tapping into the psychological space of the shadow as the double or alter-ego of a parallel reality. In this way, they attempt to make visible the unseen markers that can shape our surroundings and our impressions of them.

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